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Let's go find out the secret of Nadeshiko-chan's beauty! Why Baking Soda?

The secret to bring clean pores by NADESHIKO

※Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Every time look in the mirror... The black pores, open pores... What should I do? Orz Bumpy Strawberry Pores Bumpy Orange Pores
Nadeshiko-chan! Baking soda is the best for your Pore Problems!
Baking soda? Is it the one using for Cleaning or Making Sweets? Is that possible to clean pores with baking soda?
Yes! The cause of black Strawberry Pores is the Black Heads which clogged pores. Dead skin cells that became stiff by dryness clog pores, blend with sebum and become blackheads.Strongly widen pores. * *Pores with blackheads turn over 4 times quicker than normal pores. Hmm…
So the Melting Power of Baking Soda against blackheads!! Baking soda dissolves blackheads and smoothly removes off from deep into pores. おお!
Amazing!! The strawberry pores on the nose are ok. But, what about the Orange Pores on cheeks?
Also let's leave the Orange Pores problem to baking soda! The cause of orange pores is the stiff dead skin cells caused by dryness Dead skin cells that become stiff by dryness accumulate and keep the pores open. Dead skin cells
So the Baking Soda Power that loosens the dead skin cells!! The foam including baking soda softens and cleanses off the stiff dead skin cells. おお!
How wonderful the Baking Soda Power is! I will be able to have a skin confidence with this. I need to start skincare soon from today. Both pores and love are in perfect condition