Devil's Trick

Change Your Hair Color in 5 min. with Quis Quis Devil's Trick

As Good as Hair Salon's! Quis Quis Devil's Trick can color vividly in 5 min!

Dramatic Vivid Color

  • Easy, bare hands OK♪ Colors in 5 min!
  • Intensive damage care for bleached hair! Shine UP
  • Returns to the original color in 1 week with everyday shampoo!

Quis Quis Devil's Trick
- Hair Color Treatment (6 colors) -


Choose your favorite vivid color
from Quis Quis Devil's Trick
and Mix

Change hair color to Milky Color

Adjust freely like Paints Change to KAWAII Milky Color

Quis Quis Devil's Trick Magical Milky
- Hair Color Treatment -


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