Devil's Trick

5min. Change your HAIR COLOR

Smooth and Shiny Hair Show Your Vivid Color

Only in 5 mins, change your hair to a vivid color, also shiny and smooth.
The colored hair returns to its original color about a week later,
so you can casually change your hair color with “Quis Quis Devil’s Trick”.
It’s boring to be the same as everyone else... Let’s enjoy being more cool and bold with the hair color!

Before/After Before/After Before/After Before/After
Before/After Before/After Before/After Before/After Before/After

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Magical Hair Color Treatment

return to original hair  in 1 week find your color
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Easy color change with “Quis Quis Devil's Trick” which can color the damaged hair better!
Apply to the hair before shampoo and rinse after 5 min. And then, just shampoo and use conditioner as usual. Colors your hair well, and you can get smooth and shiny hair. The colored hair returns to its original color about a week later, so you can casually enjoy the vivid color.


As Good as Hair Salon's

Vivid Colorbefore/after

The actually finished look is slightly different from the picture on a screen.
Healthy black hair or gray hair may not be colored.

Just Apply it before a Shampoo

Bare Hands OK!
Change in 5 minsbefore/after

Wash your hands well with soap soon after application to the hair.

Intensive Damage Care


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How to Use


Simple Ion ColorThe ion pigment attahesto the many ions in damaged hair to make rich colors Shampoo your hair and the magic will gradually fade, returning to its original color in a week!ions and ion pigment attach to each other to color your hair and give it a smooth, shiny texture in just 5 minutes!
Intensive Damage Care Shine UP Vividly colored, but damaged hair is less attractive! Gives a full of moisture and makes surprisingly shiny hair!


  • Where can we buy QuisQuis Devil’s Trick? It is available at Loft, Tokyu Hands, and other variety stores all over Japan. (Some stores excepted)
  • What is the difference between Devil’s Trick and general two-agent type hair coloring or hair manicure agents? Tar dyes contained in these agents may dye not only the hair but also the scalp. On the other hand, QuisQuis Devil’s Trick dyes only hair while treating it.
  • Is the product safe for the scalp and hands? You can apply Devil’s Trick with your bare hands, but please don’t let it contact your scalp. Wash your hands with soap and water right after applying it to your hair.
  • Can it be used every day? How long will the color last? A You can use Devil’s Trick every day, and the more the hair is repeatedly dyed with it, the more the hair becomes smooth and shiny. Individual results may vary, but the color will remain for about a week.
  • When I want my hair to be more deeply colored, should I apply it for longer? Rather than applying it for longer one time, it is better to use it every day. The color of your hair will not dramatically change even if you apply it for longer.
  • Does black or gray hair change color with the product? It will lightly change the color (black hair in particular only slightly or hardly changes color). Ion color depends on the type and color of the hair. Light-colored hair that has been dyed or bleached will more readily be brightly colored.
  • Does the product affect permed or straightened hair? Devil’s Trick is a hair treatment for coloring, so it does not affect such hair.
  • Is it safe to dye my hair after using Devil’s Trick? To avoid some possible effects from dyestuff, dyeing your hair at a hair salon should be done at least one week after applying Devil’s Trick. Also, please tell the beautician that you used Devil's Trick before you get your hair colored.
  • Can I use the product for my hair right after bleaching? Whether you get your hair dyed at a hair salon or you use a commercial hair colorant, you should not do it right after bleaching. The color of the hair may not change or will not change to the intended color. It is recommended that you use Devil’s Trick about two weeks after bleaching. For the extent and durability of coloring, individual results may vary depending on the condition of the hair.
  • Can I use the products for my hair right after coloring it? Do not use it right after coloring, whether you get your hair dyed at a hair salon or you use a commercial hair colorant. The color of the hair will not change to the intended color.
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