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KEANA Rice Toner

毛穴撫子KEANA Rice Toner


Recommended for

For dry skin with prominent pores

Lotion for soft and resilient skin.

“KEANA NADESHIKO rice (*) skin care” is 100% domestically produced rice-derived skin care serum which acts against dry porous skin.
“KEANA NADESHIKO rice lotion” has a thin texture like water, and permeates into dry skin. For soft textured resilient skin.
May be used morning and evening for approximately 1 and a half to 2 months.

* Moisturizing

●no coloring, fragrance-free, mild acidity

●organic rice bran fermented moisturizer

Why rice serum?

Carefully Adjust the pore skin 4 kinds of 100% Japanese Rice-derived ingredients 【Rise Serum】Moisturizing: Rice Fermented Liquid, Elasticity: Rice Bran Liquid, Adjust Skin Condition: Sphingo Glycolipid, Adjust Skin Texture: Rice Bran Extract
100% Japanese Rice

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株式会社 石澤研究所

※Stock availability is different by the store. Please contact above stores for more details.

Good Bye KEANA!

How to use “KEANA Rice Toner”

After washing your face, take moderate amount onto clean hands and press into the skin.

To become more Beautiful of Pores with recommended combination


I started using this 2 weeks ago; no skin trouble, and my skin appears to be becoming whiter.
Blackheads, that are a key issue, seem to be decreasing.
There are many lotions that tighten pores, however, this will moisturize the skin, ensuring pores are less noticeable as a result. Cosmetics with instantaneous effect may have been too hard on my skin and caused irritation; however, this lotion effect is gradual and feels safe.
I think this product is effective with continued use.

“Rice” seems to be gentle on the skin, which is so true. I have sensitive skin but I could use this product without any issue. I like the fact that it has no added colors and is fragrance-free.
Take lotion on your hand and press against the skin, and the lotion will be absorbed gradually and will moisturize the skin. I was surprised about this moist feeling and how this is sticky on the palm of my hand. However, it is not greasy but rich in moisture on the skin.
Cost performance is great.

This is comment from customers, not apply to everyone.