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NADESHIKO, your skin looks great recently!
Oh, thank you... Tell me your skincare routine!
I use a sheet mask 2-3 times a week! お米のマスク
It contains “Rice Serum”, rice derived moisturizing ingredients. I’m impressed by my skin after peeling off a mask. Sounds good...! I’ll try it, too!

Plump Up Pores with Rice


10 Sheets / 28 Sheets


Colorant-free / Fragrance-free / Mineral oil-free

Moisturized and plump skin
that sticks to your fingers

Thick and made-in-Japan sheet masks contain ingredients of 100% Japanese rice. A soft sheet mask rich in beauty essence adheres gently to the skin. Smoothens the texture and makes the skin so plump that your fingers stick to it. Leads to the skin without noticeable pores. NASHIKO-chan without noticeable pores is now completed.

Rich in beauty essence! Thick sheet made in Japan
Dry skin lacking moisture is unsmooth and less resilient... Pores remain open
Unnoticeable pores
Want to minimize my open pores! It’s important to...
Rice skincare items are recommended!
The secret to condition the skin...“Rice Serum” derived from Japanese rice

Moisturizes and tightens up
Conditions pore skin

Rice Serum
Fermented Rice Liquid

Rice power by yeast
fermentation hydrates skin
to the fullest.

Rice Bran Oil

Contains Vitamin E.
Conditions and makes skin
plump and glowing.

Rice Ceramides

Supports the barrier function of
cornified layer and maintains
the capacity to keep moisture.

Rice Bran Extract

Texturizes rough skin and
leads to clear and
fine-textured skin.



How to use Rice Mask
Use right after face washing.

  • Take out and unfold a face mask carefully with clean hands.

  • Adjust it to your eyes and mouth first, and then spread over face.

  • Leave on for 5 minutes and remove gently.

  • Massage any excess beauty essence into your skin with palms for a better result.

  • Can be used after face lotion.
  • Can be used every day.
  • Also recommended for a special care for dry skin.
  • Adjust the frequency of use based on your skin type, skin condition, or preference.

Can I use it every day?

It can be used every day.

When is the expiration date after opening?

Use it within around a year after opening the package.
The quality may change depending on storage conditions even before the expiration date.
Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and severe temperature changes.
Discontinue use if there is unusual smell or abnormalities even before the expiration date.

Do I need to wash my face after use?

You don't need to wash your face after use. Gently massage the remaining beauty essence on the face and get it absorbed.