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KEANA Rice Cream

毛穴撫子KEANA Rice Cream


Recommended for

For dry skin with prominent pores

A cream for moist resilient skin

“KEANA NADESHIKO rice (*) skin care” is 100% domestically produced rice-derived skin care serum which acts against dry porous skin.
Spreads really well; only a small amount of this cream will cover the entire face.
Traps moisture and makes the skin resilient and smooth.
May be used morning and evening for approximately 1 and a half to 2 months.

* Moisturizing

●no coloring, fragrance-free, mild acidity

●organic rice bran fermented moisturizer

Why rice serum?

Carefully Adjust the pore skin 4 kinds of 100% Japanese Rice-derived ingredients 【Rise Serum】Moisturizing: Rice Fermented Liquid, Elasticity: Rice Bran Liquid, Adjust Skin Condition: Sphingo Glycolipid, Adjust Skin Texture: Rice Bran Extract
100% Japanese Rice

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株式会社 石澤研究所

※Stock availability is different by the store. Please contact above stores for more details.

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How to use “KEANA Rice Cream”

After conditioning your skin with “KEANA NADESHIKO rice lotion” take a moderate amount onto your clean hand, and apply on the entire face.

To become more Beautiful of Pores with recommended combination