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KEANA Baking Soda Soap

毛穴撫子KEANA Baking Soda Soap

Standard weight 155g

Recommended for

Face and body will be smooth with baking soda (*) soap

Baking soda (*) cleanses pores and dead skin on the entire body

So easy, just wash. Cleanses the entire body! The secret of smooth, flawless skin is creamy foam which contains baking soda (*). Loosens old dead skin to lift debris clogged deep down in the pores.
100% vegetable oil-based high quality foam which also rinses off well, leaving plenty of moisture.
Nature and eco-friendly soap.

* Sodium hydrogen carbonate (cleansing ingredient)

Selected Caldron-boiled Matured Soap

Key points of traditional recipe!

Skillful craftsman takes 1 week to cook the soap carefully while making sure of the air temperature and humidity.
Due to 100% botanical oil base, the soap has plenty of moisture and the high quality foaming and rinsing off.
The wastewater will be decomposed into water and carbonic acid gas, so the soap is gentle to both people and environment.
The skin will also have plenty of moisture.

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※Stock availability is different by the store. Please contact above stores for more details.

Good Bye KEANA!

How to use

How to use “KEANA Baking Soda Soap”

Dampen your hands and soap and foam well.
Can be used on both face and body.
Fluffy creamy foam with baking soda; smooth, flawless skin.


QCan I use it to wash face and body?
AYes, you can use it for face and body.
QCan children use it?
AChildren can use it.

To become more Beautiful of Pores with recommended combination


I used it to cleanse my body and face. Cleans and freshens after the face wash. Weariness and unwanted thoughts fly away, feels like peeling off one layer and lightening the entire body. I was surprised with this pleasant experience. I’d also like to try KEANA NADESHIKO face wash.

I bought it at a drugstore, but because it was so good I decided to send a comment! You will want to buy it if you read the reviews!
Foams nicely and is creamy.
Leaves you feeling good after the face wash. It feels like the debris has been cleaned off unlike other liquid soaps where you feel like you are just applying soap.
The foam rinsed off well without leaving any slime on the body, and I love it!
The most amazing thing was that because my skin became smooth, it feels so good to rub my legs together!
I used it on my face, and there was no skin tightening sensation. It also cleanses out the debris on the face surface!
I tried it on my head today, and my hair remained smooth. It feels as if dirty pores have been cleaned. I have discovered that this single soap can be used for the whole body.

This is comment from customers, not apply to everyone.