NADESHIKO Cool Essence Cotton Maker
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Strawberry pores bother me even more on a hot day... What is worse, my cheeks look like oranges Strawberry Pores & Orange Pores Cool and tighten your skin before makeup! You can make cold and fluffy cottons like snow NADESHIKO Cool Essence Cotton Maker
That’s great

Tightened Skin & Unnoticeable Pores

NADESHIKO Cool Essence Cotton Maker


NADESHIKO Cool Essence Cotton Maker

Fluffy like snow!
Tighten pore skin with a cool cotton!

Don’t want my makeup to come off or look oily!
Tighten pore skin with Cool Essence Cotton Maker before makeup! Fluffy and snow-like cool cotton tightens open pores that cause makeup to come off or oily skin. Smoothen pores and your makeup stays on well. You'll get the beautiful foundation fit! Let’s enjoy outings with dry smooth skin this summer♪


Tighten pores before makeup
with a cool cotton on a palm!

Open NADESHIKO-chan with open pores

Open pores make makeup come off or make the skin oily. Cool Essence Cotton Maker readily offers you fluffy and cool cottons like snow. Just press Cool Essence Cotton over noticeable pores gently. Get beautiful skin that foundation fits to♪

Tightens Pores Luffa extract. Improves Texture Chamomile extract. Gives Resilience & Glow Cucumber extract.


How to use Cool Essence Cotton Maker

  • Spray to draw a circle

  • Press lightly

  • Finish!